8-Bit Theater  

hey everyone.  i hope you're enjoying 8-Bit Theater.  i'm glad to see so many people visiting.  if you're new here, i suggest checking out the first episode before going on (can you believe it took me about 5 hours to put that together?).

8-bit theater has moved!  where?

why, to nuklearpower.com you inquisitive human you.

50megs.com did a good job of hosting the site while it was here, but i'm afraid the plans for my inevitable world conquest of terror that will leave the kingdoms of man in ruin webpage deem that we say farewell the services of 50megs.com and move into our own schnasty biznastik domain name of hijinks, hoopla, and wackiness.

be sure to update yer links and bookmarks, yo.


i really appreciate all the support i've been getting from the folks and fellow comicteers down at bigpanda.net.  without you guys, i wouldn't feel quite as justified doing this instead of my school work.  but you make it possible.  god/vishnu/odin/buddha/allah/zarnak/gultang/other/misc. bless you.

anyway, enough of my babbling.  have fun!

click on the link, damn you!  mighty fine stuff awaits on the other side.

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